In order to begin the process, a last with the exact measurements of each foot must be made.

No two feet are the same. For this reason, the first thing to do is to measure each foot with a tape measure (as explained in the video “how to measure your foot”).

Once Rodríguez Zapateros obtains the measurements, we make a last of each foot for the customer. Every last is custom-made and is stored so that each customer's measurements only have to be taken once.

The next step is to choose the leather you want for your shoe. Many kinds of hides can be used to make the shoes, but regardless of your choice, the process will be the same.

Clavos y pegado del zapato

Throughout the crafting process, nails are used to secure the vamp while the glue dries. After this, the shoe is sewn to further strengthen it and give flexibility to the feet. The glues used nowadays are very effective and a shoe of these characteristics can last a lifetime.

Retoques de la suela del zapato

The outsole can be a block of rubber or a strip of leather with a heel, and the thickness of the heel can be adjusted to the customer's preference.

Rodríguez Zapateros has been hand crafting shoes since 1923.

Ramón, the third generation of this family of craftsmen, gives you the opportunity to wear shoes made just for you, accounting for any problem you might have including bunions, warts, flat feet or different sized feet and legs.

Our finely crafted shoes will surely be the most comfortable you have ever worn.



It's important to know how to obtain exact measurements of each foot in order to get a perfect fit. Every foot is different, so measurements of both feet must be taken. To do this you will need some paper, a pen, and a tape measure.

First, put your foot on the paper. Trace the foot with a pen. After that, take the tape and start measuring.

For the length, you only need to put one end of the tape under the center of the back of your heel, and measure up to the big toe. 

For the instep, wrap the tape around the thickest part of your foot.

Write down the results on the paper itself, next to the corresponding foot, and send them to:
C/ Río Miño, Nº5 - 15100 Carballo
A Coruña

O e-email them to:   

If you have any questions, you can call +34 667 480 336